• Markus Kloiber had served as a SetLightingTechnician on Feature Films and Commercials for more than a decade before transferring his skills to (Still) Photography. 

    Having worked with various Cinematographers, he’d beed faced with different approaches and challenges to light (or not to light) different moods and situations.

    Born in 1981, he received technical expertise in lenses at Otto Nemenz Cameras, Intl., Los Angeles in 2000/2001.

    At an early age, he developed a hunger for music videos and images in general - not only related to the moving image.

    As the mighty László Kovács once said, “Each piece of light is a brush-stroke, giving different emotional values, defining and texturing each part of the shot from foreground to background (...)”

    So be it.

    Digital Imaging, Color and DrumScanning provided by the Wizards at [MALKASTEN VIENNA]

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